What is Foxwordy?

Foxwordy is social productivity for the modern lawyer. We are connecting the world's best lawyers and legal professionals to collaborate with their peers anonymously or on-the-record to get work done faster.

Our Mission

Our mission is about connecting the world's best lawyers and legal professionals to collaborate successfully, work effectively and grow professionally - all faster than ever before! Like all professionals, we rely on our colleagues for content, advice and opportunities. They're the people we trust to ask for help when we need it.

Foxwordy's platform brings social productivity to the modern lawyer - allowing lawyers and legal professionals everywhere to instantly connect with credible colleagues to address workflow needs real-time, enhance their professional reputation, and access new opportunities. Built by lawyers, our easy-to-use platform takes networking to the next level.

The benefits of Foxwordy's platform include enhanced collaboration via our private network, curated content from legal experts, referral and content sharing, and convenient messaging (that means, less email).

Smart collaboration starts on Foxwordy.

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