Monica Zent
Feb 2014

Introduction to Foxwordy

Allow me to introduce you to Foxwordy, a new, cloud-based social collaboration platform for lawyers. I created Foxwordy to allow lawyers to share trusted content with trusted colleagues, discover new opportunities, and enhance their professional reputations. Through Foxwordy’s invitation-only platform, lawyers can instantly connect with credible colleagues to address workflow needs in real-time. Our mission is to connect and empower the world's legal professionals to collaborate successfully, work effectively and grow professionally - all faster than ever before.

Why Foxwordy

Having been on all angles of the legal market for many years, I’ve observed a number of trends in the market, including the increasing need for - yet lack of - sufficient collaboration tools as well as the need for lawyers to have a greater degree of control over their professional reputations. With more consumer-based lawyer ratings services out there coupled with the lawyer’s ever increasing need to be more efficient, I set out to create a solution for lawyers that would help them in their work and in their careers.

It’s much more than that, though. Foxwordy is about liberating lawyers from their offices and allowing them to tap into the incredible brainpower of their colleagues. It’s about sharing what you know and reaping the benefits of greater visibility among those who matter, unlocking meaningful opportunities. It’s about maximizing your precious time in every day so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy and with the people you love. What would we all do if we could save two hours every week at work? More time to work out. Be with family. Read a great book. Support a good cause. On Foxwordy, you can save that two hours every week and probably more. You can work your way, only faster.

As founder of ZentLaw, a leading alternative law firm based in Silicon Valley, we have been serving many of the world’s best-known brands and the hottest startups, since 2002. ZentLaw is not a run-of-the-mill law firm. Rather, ZentLaw is a groundbreaking hybrid law firm, with a focus on delivering the highest quality at the lowest cost through an all-employee model. ZentLaw is a lean, efficient and highly collaborative business unlike any other law firm.

The Power of Collaboration

If you asked me for the key to ZentLaw’s success, I’d say there are many although at the top of the list is collaboration. Efficiency is a by-product of effective collaboration and that’s why collaboration is at the core of our culture.

Engineers collaborate. Creative teams collaborate. Lawyers collaborate. In fact, lawyers collaborate more than they realize – although it tends to be old-school. You know - via email, random in-person chats in the hallway, or at industry events. It’s ad hoc, not scalable, and not practical in today’s fast-paced environment. Lawyers haven’t had the right tools to facilitate meaningful collaboration in an efficient way -- until now. By the right tools, I mean intuitive, easy-to-use, portable, and secure yet social and engaging.

Foxwordy is About Collaboration and Efficiency

Lawyers have increasing needs to work on the go, via iPads, light laptops and in different locations. We’ve experienced this firsthand for years at ZentLaw and it’s been documented in recent reports. Yet, a singular platform with internal and external touchpoints simply did not exist.

Foxwordy allows lawyers to collaborate via an integrated platform that saves time, yields better results, enhances the bottom line by solving the day-to-day issues lawyers face. Need a document drafted by a trusted colleague? Want to benchmark with colleagues? Need to poll your legal network on a resource you’re considering? With Foxwordy, you get instant access to the information and networking you need, and the result is you get your work done faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

First Platform for Entire Legal Market

In recent years the legal market has become more splintered. There are more and more industry organizations for individual specialties, events for these specific segments, plus a multitude of online groups, listservs and newsletters. I found that lawyers spent so much time trying to keep up with all of those different resources that the slight benefits they produced were outweighed by the inefficiency of having to keep up with all of it. At the end of the day, law is a people business. It’s about relationships and we all go back to those we know and trust for what we need – information, resources, and opportunities.

Foxwordy is the only collaboration platform that brings all segments of the legal market together, creating a destination where every lawyer can go. Whether you’re in-house counsel, a lawyer at a law firm of any type from biglaw to boutique to small law office, or a solo practitioner, freelancer, or have a law degree yet not practicing law, there is a place for you on Foxwordy. Foxwordy is not about changing how lawyers work but taking what you already do naturally and making it easier, more convenient and fun. Foxwordy is about liberating lawyers from their offices and allowing them to tap into the incredible brainpower of their colleagues. It’s about sharing what you know and reaping the benefits of an increased reputation, greater visibility among those who matter and access to new opportunities. Innovators are people who are always there first and see ahead of the pack. If you’re an innovator, then you’re in good company on Foxwordy. Foxwordy is launching now. Get invited today. I hope to see you here!