Monica Zent
May 2017

Foxwordy Enterprise Debuts Today, Offering Workplace Social
Collaboration Solution for Entire Legal Industry

It is an exciting time for Foxwordy. Today, we debut Foxwordy Enterprise, offering a workplace social solution for collaboration among lawyers and legal professionals. Designed for in-house legal departments, law firms and legal associations, Foxwordy Enterprise offers efficient and effective collaboration for the entire legal industry.

The future of the legal profession depends on effective collaboration. Before Foxwordy, lawyers lacked a consistent, easy-to-use platform to work with colleagues within and outside their legal departments, firms and organizations. Foxwordy Enterprise solves this issue with our secure, cloud-based service that will help legal professionals work together and stay on the same page.

Key features of Foxwordy Enterprise include:

  • Collaboration Platform for the Legal Industry: Foxwordy Enterprise is built for the way lawyers work and offers the flexibility to collaborate with colleagues within or outside their organization via features such as easy-to-use audience control and real-time messaging
  • Business-Class Security: At Foxwordy, data security is paramount. This is why Foxwordy Enterprise has built-in HTTPS and secure socket layer, encryption, a formal security statement, authentication controls and more.
  • Intranet Capability: Foxwordy Enterprise can be used as a cloud-based intranet, powering efficient, private communication and collaboration among legal colleagues within their own organization, reducing email in the process. An Enterprise Administrator role with appropriate permissions puts customers in control of who can access their organization activity on Foxwordy.
  • Scalable Network: Using Foxwordy Enterprise, law departments, firms and legal associations can connect and engage with legal colleagues outside their organization while remaining on the Foxwordy platform, forging new connections with legal experts, prospective candidates, outside counsel and fellow legal colleagues across the country.
  • Teams: On Foxwordy Enterprise, users can organize an unlimited number of colleagues, both within and outside their organization, around specific subjects, with whom they can share messages, comments, clauses, other excerpts and files in one convenient location. Threaded posts in Teams keep conversations organized and easily searchable.
  • Clause Collaboration: This feature allows lawyers and legal professionals to share clauses and excerpts to be used in documents and submit them for feedback in Teams. Real-time editing with colleagues and identifying text changes help lawyers take productivity to the next level.
  • Machine Learning-Powered Search: Based on user behavior, Foxwordy Enterprise search becomes smarter over time, learning what legal concepts and data points are associated to deliver more relevant search results.

With Foxwordy Enterprise, we continue to forge a path to provide the most innovative social collaboration solutions for the legal industry.

Reach out to our Enterprise Solutions Team today to learn more.

-- The Foxwordy Team

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