Foxwordy Enterprise

Foxwordy Enterprise is a secure, cloud-based, collaboration platform for law departments, law firms, legal associations and other groups of lawyers and legal professionals to collaborate with their internal and external colleagues.
We know firsthand the challenges that corporate legal organizations and firms face with knowledge management, email communications, corporate domain clause retention, the need for discretion, and the desire for increased workflow efficiency.
With Foxwordy Enterprise, law departments, law firms, legal associations, law school faculty and other groups of lawyers can collaborate within their organization privately and reach outside their organization to the larger Foxwordy network as needed.
Foxwordy Enterprise can be used as an intranet for a law department, law firm or legal association, allowing lawyers and legal professionals to work conveniently anywhere, anytime from wherever they are located.
With business-class security and a no spamming policy on Foxwordy, our Enterprise customers can engage with confidence and privacy. Our commitment in this area allows our Enterprise customers to focus on being productive while advancing their knowledge and network.
Foxwordy is sold as an annual subscription made available through the Foxwordy Enterprise Solutions Team.
Foxwordy Enterprise includes features such as:
  • Private network for your organization on Foxwordy
  • Audience control to post to your organization network
  • Private sharing to your organization network with confidence
  • Clause collaboration for real-time editing
  • Enterprise dashboard and Administrator function for your account
  • Unlimited Foxwordy Teams
  • Unlimited Clause storage
  • Convenient threaded posts in Teams to keep conversations organized
  • Business-class Security with encryption